Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hair Boy Cracks me Up

I was speaking with Hair Boy today, we do that occasionally.. I must say I am infinitely blessed by having been giving this amazing young man. He is a constant joy to me and I am ever so proud of him! *grins* Service announcement over.

I was speaking with him and told him I was going through one of my purging of diet soda.. Had been soda free for a few days and I was through the caffeine withdrawals, migraines, excessive sleep and leg cramps.. (every time I go through this I think and this is a legal drug). I told him I was finally going to switch to tea.. Per Doctors orders I really am not supposed to completely give up caffeine as I am prone to massive migraines and the caffeine does have medicinal effects.. BUT I don't need to gulp soda.. which is bad for you on so many levels and DIET soda is worse..  He was pleased to hear it but then it just got silly.

Hair Boy: So you are going to give up soda?

Me: Well, I am going to TRY (heavy voice emphasis on try)

Hair Boy: don't try, do it.. don't you watch Star Wars? Yoda says....


Don't you just love generations raised with Star Wars as a cultural reference?

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