Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Mage's Daughter, A Review

The Mage's Daughter is book two of Lynn Kurland's wonder full Nine Kingdoms Series. Staying true to the trilogy format this second book is a bit darker and more desperate. Kurland sweeps her brush across this wonderful canvas and the vision her words create helps us to continue on her epic journey.

Morgan, left for dead in book one has to deal with her healing her weakened body and accepting that only does magic exist but it exists everywhere. Even in the least likely places. No one is who she thought they were least of all herself. This book is full of choices for Morgan, should she stay safe and secure in a magic sink hole, where no magic exists? Should she follow Miach? Should she remain Morgan, the shield maiden? Should she embrace her heritage and become Morghaine of Ceangail? Each cross road takes her further into danger and yet closer to becoming a truly strong mage..

Miach, having paid the ultimate price for withholding his true identity, fears for Morgan's very life and leaves his pratt of a brother, the kings wedding to chase after her. Missing her by a mere day he is forced to enter the assassins keep to find her. Every one can enter and everyone leaves... just not by the front gate. The only way to make it out the front gate is by earning his mark. Training to become a swordsman.. amazing Morgan he advances fast in the ranks. Learning how to fight without magic, a skill that unknown to him, he will need in the future.

Typical to the trilogy format, it seems that evil has a secure footing and while despair has not fallen over the land.. The situation is dire! An ancient spell is leaking into the lands and the Lothar, the ultimate evil has corrupted even that evil to do his bidding. He insidiously, weaves his magic to creep forth and search for all members that are left of Morgan's blood.

As they travel this journey they face Morgan's past.. We touch base with some of the characters from the first book and are introduced to some wonderful new ones. Morgan a girl who believed she was alone in the world is suddenly over run with protective relatives who want what is “best” for her. This takes patience and love on Morgan's part as she tries to explain that Miach is what is best. Although a mage, he is an honorable man.

Leaving us at the point where hope and doom collide we are left on the edge our seats waiting for Lynn Kurland's next installment. Fortunately Princess of the Sword is out and I can rush to read it.. 


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