Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last year I came into just a teeny bit of extra money.. I didn't have a lot but I used it to make a couple of purchases for me. That's right I dared to spend the money on ME.. 

I bought myself a cute little iPod nano and a very nice canon camera.. I really enjoyed both of them.. Stupid me, let the beasties use them. I mean honestly, they are either adults or in blond girls case almost an adult.. They would respect my stuff right?

Yeah, right.. in October while blond girl was using it, the camera bit the dust.. I am hoping Canon will fix it for me but (now this was my bad) I didn't save the receipt so hopefully the fact that the model itself is under a year old, will save me..

Now, PITA boy had been using my iPod and guess what? Yep, you guessed it.. it's dead, gone caput.. ruined, destroyed.. He says he will replace it when he gets his taxes and in all honesty he probably will.. It's just the principal.

I got to listen to days of Word Girl WHINING because her computer got a virus while in my possession and yet no one thinks, hey this is mom's stuff and look what we did to it.. Oh both Blond Girl and PITA Boy felt horrid when it happened but it's still upsetting to me..

I did learn my lesson... yep when I get new stuff, they don't get to use it.. they don't seem to respect my property enough. The worst part is, the are adults, or almost adults, the lesson has been learned about how they as adults treat my stuff.. guess I won't be loaning any of said adults anything for a good long while..

I could reciprocate of course.. but somehow, I don't think I want to break their stuff.. I mean it could be a grandchild or something.. *grins*


  1. If they're teens, one day soon they'll move out of the house and all your stuff will work again. It's sad. :(


  2. I absolutely happens to me ALL the time and I have only one not really teen anymore!