Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Frankie-Lu

17 years ago today on a wacky pre-halloween night this gorgeous child was brought into my life. Ashley-Frances has been a delight, a despair, a challenge and a joy for that entire time.

Frankie came into this world having to wait on her brothers. I knew that I was due to deliver around halloween so in August I made sure to get the materials for her brother's halloween costumes. they shouldn't have to suffer just because mom was in the hospital (the were 3 and 20 months like they would have remembered). Of course me, being me didn't actually get started until the 29th of October. I knew I only had a couple of days, working into the night about 1 am my water broke.. but I wasn't finished with the costumes yet!! So I called the doctors office, let them know that my water had broke. The of course told me to get in right away.. "I can't" I wailed, "the costumes aren't finished yet. I will be in about 6.. that will give me time to finish the costumes, take a shower and shave my legs". (yes this was my 3rd child, I knew shaved legs were a must). Right on schedule, around 5:30 I got my husband up and we were on the way to the hospital, to be greeted by a snarling doctor wondering where I had been. I explained that I had told his service that I wouldn't be in until 6 (which it now was) to which he responded.. No one actually believed you.. Finally I was ushered into labour and delivery where I promptly fell asleep (hey I was exhausted). 6 hours later and NO medication later they were interrupting my sleep telling me to push.. out she came! all perfect and wonderful! "honey it's a girl" my husband exclaimed (after 2 stepsons and 2 sons I so very much wanted that baby girl) and in my excitement I said "oh that's nice" then rolled over and fell back asleep.

Poor baby.. of course her father more than made up for it.. from that moment on he developed a severe case of girl stupid.. He was hers for the asking, even as our marriage disintegrated, his seeing his kids less and less, this one pretty much had him wrapped around her finger.

So happy birthday Frankie-Lu, mom loves you


  1. Happy B-Day Frankie-Lu.

    By the way: You've been boo'ed!! Come to blog to see what the heck I am talking about. :)