Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Family CookBook

We have in our household a family cookbook.. this book was created and designed years ago by my wonderful cousin S.. She painstakingly tracked down family recipes, stories and pictures and compiled them into one masterpiece. To say that this book is anything less than a work of art would be a crime. It was compiled when JR was 5 since he is now 20, you do the math...

Anyway, each of my children at one time or another will peruse the book, find a recipe that they like or just read the stories about family members that they either barely know or don't know at all. They have shared it with friends and better yet the parents of friends
. It has become to them a symbol of what our family is.

As they age, I know I need to find a way to get each of them a copy for when they start their own households, then I think... can I convince S.. that it is time for a second edition? I mean 15 years later there has to be some new family recipes out there. There is an entire generation that has now come into their own, raised kids and have plenty to share. I know my kids would love to contribute and of course receive the new book.

What makes this book so special though is the way it brings enjoyment to all, how it brings our family together and convinces them that no matter what.. there has to be a recipe for it in the family cookbook.
The pages have been written on, recipes altered.. memories jotted in the margins.. yes this book has become more than just a cookbook, it has become our family journal, I think it may be time to update the journal.


  1. That's fantastic! One of my treasures from my wedding is a book my mother-in-law put together for us of recipes :)

  2. Hi. Having a family cookbook is a very good idea.
    I started a recipe book some years ago because I´m the only daughter and don´t want family tradittions to be forgoten. Adding stories and important events is a good idea I hadn´t think of. Cheers.