Saturday, October 25, 2008

Each Morning the Dulcet Tones Awake Me

While I truly enjoy spending time with my kids and I love being the mom that is the designated driver I find I hate mornings. Not because I am usually up late and could use the sleep and not because I can not think with out that first glorious cup of caffeine, both of which are true. BUT because with morning comes the inevitable squabbling, bickering and out and out screaming that has become a part of our morning ritual.

First thing off the bat is the countless alarms that everyone ignores until I am up and moving dragging myself out of bed and then them. Then the needless grumbling about how they only need 5 more minutes. Which of course leads me to have to go back and wake them up again 15 minutes later. Then when one is awake she and invariably it is a she since my one and only morning child is my daughter, feels the need to bellow at her sister. Telling her it is time to get up. Having the incredible trickle down affect as to wake up BOTH boys. One of whom is not a morning person and the other whom makes sure the rest of us are aware of the sacrifice he is making.

Once the household is awake, the mad scramble for the bathroom begins, no one understands that in the natural order of things each has a time they leave and that denotes their time in the bathroom. No, each wants it when they want it, schedule or not. And why is it exactly that they can never tell when there isn't a towel in the bathroom until AFTER they get in the shower. They then proceed to bellow at the top of their lungs for someone to bring them a towel, which we have no clean ones since they all disappear into the bedrooms never to be seen again.

And no morning is complete without the mad, frantic search for shoes. They never seem to want the ones they can find. All of which is accompanied by a running commentary of insults and complaints.

Leaving me exhausted once they are out the door and wondering once again, why is it I am home?

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