Monday, October 27, 2008

Am I the Only One Who Says Thank Goodness Its Monday?

After a weekend of bickering, blistering and battling Monday morning has finally dawned and my ever so lovely progeny are back to school.

Tell me who was it that thought up the term Tgif? oh yeah a man.. one who had no clue of all the parameters required for a mother to make it through the weekend. This weekend was filled with those oh so lovely moments where one would do just about anything to forget..

There was the 45 minute discussion on whose conditioner it was and how no one could touch it but her. And then the tears when her older brother took it to work.. good lord it was a bottle of conditioner.

Or there was the argument about pillows... seems my middle son loves to take his sisters pillows and practically tortures her before giving them back. She retaliates by calling him stupid, as he has ADHD this is very devastating to him, and then the youngest is there always ready to give her opinion.

then there is the Sunday morning rush.. two out the door for work and one off to church. It would be great if they managed to do it on their own.. but no, there is always a reason for me to be involved.

Then there is the great shoe debate.. an ongoing battle in this house.. i do not understand.. and then when they cant find theirs they take mine and of course never put them back where they found them either.

And makeup, hello?? does it really matter whose makeup it is? geez louise.. then this morning bright and early my oldest daughter was off to drivers ed all happy and smiling, the youngest was out a half an hour later ready to battle the honors program, the oldest is showering and getting ready for college.. and cori?? well he has a day off... lucky me.

So for me it is TgiM... once they are gone i am back to bed


  1. No, you aren't the only one who says TGIM!

    I only have one, but it's enough for me to understand why my mother always seemed so eager for Monday mornings & the end of summer, LOL.

    You are not alone! :-)

  2. ohhh finally made it here and read all of your entries. Girlfriend you have got to slow down on the blogging lol. i cant keep up sheesh.

    OK for mondays YUP crave each and every one cant wait until the youngest goes to school!!!

    ohh and shoes. they are supposed to be on the GREEN rug by the door. where your suppose to take them OFF when you come in. that way you wont have me finding them in the bookshelf behind the toy truck sheesh!!!

    ONE last thing DID YOU HAVE to crush my hope that mornings dont have to be a screaming match sheesh.

    looking forward to seeing more of the chaos that reigns from the world here.


  3. While those words have never come out of my mouth (no children) I have heard my friends who are parents say something along those lines.