Friday, March 23, 2012

For all You Hoodie Wearing Kids..Ask Geraldo, It's the Hoodie's Fault

Geraldo Rivera finds real culprit in Trayvon Martin slaying: The hoodie

This entire fiasco offends me.. First off the man was afraid of a child in a hoodie.. he was acting in self defense? HOW? Trayvon didn't even have a weapon. That anyone even remotely accepts that reasoning ticks me off..

I hate when people throw the race card out there.. oh you did that because you are white.. Or you did that to me because I am black.. I grew up in the 60's and 70's and honestly, because of the fact that my mom is the least racist person in the world.. I seriously thought that racism was something we only read about in the history books..

Of course I grew up in Southern California and as a High Schooler I did see the racism against Mexicans.. and yes back then the correct term was Mexican.. I NOT being politically incorrect.
But.. back on track.. this incident was a case of Racism pure and simple.. unless Geraldo is right and it was the Hoodie.. Then my kids better watch out as they LIVE in hoodies.. Hair Boy even has dreads these days.. so a tall kid w/dreads and a hoodie.. scares me.. At one point Word Girl had 14 different school related hoodies and various other ones as well.. Blond Girl actually "V's" the neck when she starts to out grow them to make them last longer and PITA Boy lives in his Green Bay Packer Hoodies (We do live in Chicago so that might be cause for me to worry).. My point being it's not the FREAKING HOODIE..

For the first time ever I have respect for LeBron James and his Miami Heat team mates..  I say we all wear our hoodies.. We are all, Trayvon Martin

Look at that beautiful boy.. we lost him way too soon.!!

Fortunately, or unfortunately this case was not about the hoodie.. it was about an idiot with a gun!

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