Friday, March 2, 2012

No School Again and Again and Again

Today was what Blond Girl's school calls a 12:12's pretty self explanatory.. they get out of school at 12:12. This happens a few times a year and after 10 years I am almost used to it. They have all their regular classes except 0 hour, it's gym and not worth the time for her to go to school early for a 20 min gym class.

Now 12:12 day wouldn't be bad if they didn't also get tomorrow off.. Yep some sort of teacher institute day.. then Monday because it's Casimir Polaski day *rolls eyes*.. so a 4 and a half day weekend.. Again wouldn't be so bad had they not just gotten presidents day off.. then two weeks before that, Martin Luther King Day.. yep from mid January to mid March they pretty much get every other Monday off.. PLUS a 12:12 day and a Friday or two tossed in..

Oh yeah.. did I mention that EVERY Thursday is an early dismissal day? They get off an hour early? I know teachers work hard, that they are expected to perform miracles and they need time to plan. I know that many of these early dismissal days they spend in meetings and classes.. but it is just so frustrating.. and frustrating is the theme for today it seems.

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