Thursday, April 5, 2012

Award Winning Mother.. Psycho Mom That Is

Hair Boy lives downstate in a college town... that being said he works two jobs and does his music so I don't hear from him regularly.. 24, two jobs, music and occasionally sleeping.. a very busy boy.

He calls about once or twice a month..and when I need to talk to him I will either text him or shoot him a voice mail.. I realized today that I hadn't spoken to him in quite some time. So I called him.. except I got a message saying his phone is out of order.. I um freaked just a wee bit..

I sent him an email, I sent a FB message to his ex girlfriend who is one of his roommates, I called my daughter and asked her if she had heard from him. I had just spoken with my mom last night and I knew she hadn't heard from him for a while.. so of course I now went into crazed mom mode and called the police. Yeah that's right.. I didn't wait for any response just called the police.

They had me call the local hospitals first then I called back.. To be asked if I had called the jail.. I was thinking please God don't suggest the morgue. Before I had to actually call the jail (a place that is highly unlikely, not impossible but unlikely for him to be) The police dispatcher called his number.. and sure enough it worked, he answered and promised to call. Which he did before I had even hung up with the police.

He started out with Mom, I'm OK... and just starting giggling.. See I am not one of those Lady, cut the apron strings kind of mom, so when I do something like this they hold it over my head for years if not decades.. We had a good giggle and he promised to call a bit more..

It was just funny.. and well embarrassing but at least he knows he is missed and very much loved..


  1. hey, a kindred spirit! I am exactly the same kind of mom as you. hahahaha. I so enjoy your blog. I missed seeing you at here I am, checking you out, if you're okay and posting. I was actually just about to call the blog police too...hahahaha

  2. i love this post! for us moms, it's really difficult to let go of our kids... :-)