Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blond Girl and Tolkien Cloaks..

I was telling a blond girl, about a conversation I had with Author Jessa Slade, about laundry of all things.. The conversation went from my insanely obsessive laundry habits to her writing a post on dressing a character. I pointed out that it would be a really interesting post because so many authors go overboard in the clothing description department..

At this point in the story it, gets interesting..

Me: Some authors go on and on about designers and frills and...

Blond Girl: *cough* JRR Tolkien *cough* 

 Me: JRR Tolkien? (I was dare she? She was raised on Tolkien she knows he can do no wrong)

Blond Girl: Mom FOUR pages on describing a cloak.. FOUR pages (she was warming up now)

Me: Seriously?

Blond Girl: Mom, it borders on Grapes of Wrath Bad...

Me: Dumbfounded stare.. Grapes of Wrath Bad? (For those that don't know Grapes of Wrath is my least favorite book in the entire world.. I hate Steinbeck's need to take four chapters to describe in minute detail, the DUST BOWL.. no dialog, just excruciating detail about dust)

Blond Girl: Ok, maybe not as bad.. but you get the point..

When I finished rolling my eyes and trying to out argue her.. I was quite proud.. My girl could discuss the Grapes of Wrath and Lord of the Rings in One conversation..


  1. wow, I am green with envy. I love to read but this did not rub off my son, although to his credit he does read..not just a avidly as I do. I hope with my little girl, I can be of more influence.

    1. My boys did not start really reading until around the age of 10.. my oldest was the same age as Harry Potter so he it was perfect.. but his reading really took off in middle school, Lord of the Rings, The Count of Monte Cristo and assorted other books.. My next son reads slower but he has a deep love of reading.. it too came later... of my kids only the youngest really started reading early. Even my oldest daughter took time...

      Suggestion, read to them.. often.. anything. I was reading the Hobbit to my kids when the youngest was three.. and mandatory reading for all children in my house around the age of 10 was the Phantom Tollbooth..

      We read.. it's just who we are.. but sometimes it takes time