Friday, March 9, 2012

Interesting info From Author Gaelen Foley

It's Friday so I am sure the Hot Off the Press feature is going to run wild.. That seems to be the way it's been working of late..

Here is a post from Gaelen Foley..

For a long time, whenever people asked me if I ever wanted to write any other kind of book, I had always said that "someday" I would love to try my hand at a children's novel. "Middle grade" literature was formative for me as a writer - all those great books from Black Beauty to Little Women to Huck Finn to Nancy Drew to the Narnia tales. Well, the time for "someday" has come.

Over the past couple years, in my spare time, working in tandem with my husband, who is an educator and teaches this age group, Eric and I have been working on a series idea that we fell in love with, called The Gryphon Chronicles. I am thrilled to announce that
this summer, (while you're still waiting for Inferno Book 5 - MY SCANDALOUS VISCOUNT, Beau & Carissa's story - Coming in October!) I will be able to bring you the first installment of The Gryphon Chronicles - Book 1: THE LOST HEIR, a fantasy adventure (with a hint of steampunk!) that's as much fun for grownups as it is for kids.

Set in Victorian England, THE LOST HEIR has the kind of adventure and heart you are used to from a Foley novel, but is perfectly suitable for children (PG rated) It's got fairies, ghosts, a gryphon as you can see (below), Thames water nymphs, and many other whimsical, magical creatures.

If you're familiar with my books, then you have probably noticed the spunky, ragtag London orphans who occasionally are befriended by my protective heroes and kindhearted heroines. Well, THE LOST HEIR actually focuses on one such kid - an orphaned pickpocket in Victorian London. His name is Jake, and as he will learn in the course of his story, he is in fact the longlost heir of an aristocratic family...with magical powers! 


I am certainly not surprised that it will have that Steampunk atmosphere.. Gaelen does that dark brooding type of romance so very well so the fact that her YA book will have it as well.. nope doesn't surprise me at all

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