Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hallelujah Chorus and Following a Dream

So this afternoon I had the priveledge of sharing a moment with my youngest daughter. She is a member of the High School Swing Choir and truly enjoys the experience. This concert culminated a week of performances having had 7. I must admit it was a pleasant experience where several students shined, one in particular a Mr Steven Uhl I was astounded by the depth of his talent. The faculty was involved and the concert ended with a rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. And this was where I failed, omg, I forgot to stand. I think I may have been one of the few people in the audience who knew that we were supposed to stand. But I remembered part way through and instead of taking action, I let my nerves win. Now as a mother, I usually attempt to not embarrass the kids needlessly, so normally this behavior would have been acceptable but I remember the power and majesty of singing that song, looking out over a sea of faces and watching them rise. A declaration of the sheer awesomeness of this song. So in a way I failed these kids.. oh well they don't know it and I will get over it.

Whenever I hear this song, I remember dreams I had, things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see. Now the dreams start over every day and I have never stopped dreaming but there is just something special about the dreams held when one is on the brink of adulthood. There is nothing that can not be accomplished. There is no power on this earth that they will not overcome. Some will succeed, some will fail but the ones who truly suffer are the ones who refuse to dream. I hope my children take those risks, believe in the great what if... and forever dream those dreams

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