Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Control Freak and The Other Control Freak

So Cori is the biggest control freak on the face of the earth, he has to decide what tv show is on, what way to lay the cards when playing cards, when to cover up, when to turn the heater on... the list is endless. There are times when I swear his need to control borders on abusiveness.. not in being mean but he will suddenly decide he wants to cover you up.. a nice thought in itself but there are a few issues.. 1 you don't want to be covered up or 2. it is not the way you want to be covered up. Now when it pertains only to oneself it is quirky but when you enforce it upon others.. like I said borderline abusive.

Fortunately, whenever he decides he is in control JR will speak up.. because we all know it is JR who is really king of the castle. The one the sun rises and sets for.. the world revolves around.. etc. Now JR has stepped up this year and really helped out, a lot but he seems to think that means he gets the final say in what is going on. Forget all the years when I did it all without any help from anyone... now because things are tough, I am struggling he thinks he is the right hand of god or something...

Now when these two clash I swear it is big bang all over again. Now Cori never ever shuts up.. if he is breathing he is talking.. most of the time we ignore him because really what else can we do? and JR seems to think that he can dictate when others speak or dont speak so the feud gets a bit extreme. And the part that irks me.. I want Cori to shut up.. honestly... but I don't think JR has the right to tell him so. So I have to take Cori's side.. talk about irksome..

and I am not even going to go into the life of the Queen B's

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