Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Explain to Me

Out of all my children PITA Boy is the one I have the most connections to.. The one to this day that I refuse to walk down a flight of stairs because I seriously worry that I will push... The one who garners the strongest reactions in me and yes the one, in personality, the most like me..

I almost lost him when he was a baby.. he really did fall down a flight of stairs.. I had left the basement door open and next thing I knew I was looking at the what appeared to be broken body of my 15 month old son.. Honestly, his neck was turned at such an angle that you will never convince me that God did not heal him just because He knew I would not have survived the opposite.

I love this man/child with such an intensity that it sometimes scares me.. and yes I get angry at him w/that same intensity.. Over the past four years we have formed a tighter relationship than I had ever thought possible as it seems he too loves football and umm General Hospital.. We can discuss football on any level and it really is fun. I try and avoid the GH conversations because well.... *grins*

Today he turns 22.. a gift from God many times over.. and yet how did that happen? How can it be that his Man is my baby? I still don't get it..

Oh well.. Happy Birthday PITA Boy!!

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  1. I have a 21 year old and I feel exactly the same as you do. Sons rock! (of course daughters too...heheh)

    here are my posts on my son, hope you can check them out and comment too :))