Friday, February 10, 2012

And Mom Doesn't See What the Problem is...

Sydney Spies keeps getting her  photo rejected by the yearbook committee.. she doesn't understand why.. She and her mom even had petitions signed and lead a protest at the school Admin.. Seriously? As a mother of daughters I can tell you no way would that picture have even made it past proof stage.. Of course my girls wouldn't have worn that to have their Senior Pictures done in..

Don't get me wrong, I might have worn something similar back in the day.. and I wouldn't be upset to see one of my girls wear it to like, the beach... but a Senior Picture? and that pose? Yearbook, I think not.. now if she wants to be on the cover of a Romance Novel...

What gets me is the mom is fighting FOR her.. doesn't she want her child to understand the nuances of proper behavior? Etiquette, manners and common sense? Oh well, I am not a perfect mother so I guess I should shut up..


  1. Nah. You don't have to shut up. It's clear that trash breeds trash. Did I really say that? :o


  2. I totally agree...some mothers just don't get it. and if something bad happens...some mothers still don't get it. Oh well.