Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Art Becomes Reality

I got a call from Word Girl today, she is in California Visiting my mom. They were on their way to my mom's estate sale.. (her company will come in and work your estate sale for you) and my mom told Word Girl to look for Shadowfax Dr.. Being properly raised by me.. the ultimate Tolkien Fan Word Girl commented.. Seems the entire town has street names from Lord of the Rings.. while we were on the phone Word Girl said.. "Hey we just passed Gondor" seems whoever named the streets didn't get the importance of Gondor as it's just a little side street.. 
It was a fun conversation.. as my mom was pretending to have a clue.. she has steadfastly refused to read Tolkien for the 40 yrs he has been my favorite. But she did call my uncle to tell him and HE at least had a clue!! Not only had he read the books.. he had seen all the movies or visa versa.... 
All I know for sure is I wanna live in Gondor.. or the shire.. or shoot even on Shadowfax drive


  1. But here's the big question: What has Gollum Street got in its pocketses?


  2. OH Joyce that just made me crack up!!