Monday, December 19, 2011

Conversation with the Girls

Tonight I was having a conversation with my girls.. 

I was telling them about the changes in their blog... (I mean this one) and it went something like this..

Word Girl: I have a blog?

Me: no the blog I write about you guys...

Blond Girl: I hope you don't use my real name (she is just now figuring this out)

Me: No I use the name I gave you (pretty nifty that as it could be her "real" name.. I did after all give her that as well)

Blond Girl: What name did you use?

Me: Hair Boy, PITA Boy, Word Girl and Blond Girl... Word girl cuz she always has to have the last word and you are Blond Girl.

Blond Girl: Really? You couldn't use, Smart Girl or Physics Girl or Music Girl or Tuba Girl???

Word Girl: Or girl who has to spend every other weekend in the hospital girl?

at this point giggling has ensued...

Blond Girl: Does it have to be so superficial? I want a new name....

Word Girl: Did you notice how she said she used the name she gave us? glad all that college education is not waisted!

So I am on a quest to come up with a new name.. Yes, although she does indeed prove the fact that Blond is not a hair color... rather a state of mind... she wants a new name!! It is under consideration...


  1. Ha Ha "waisted" for "wasted" college education. Very clever.

  2. *grins* yeah.. I planned that.. *facepalm* guess I am gonna go with that's my story....