Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inheritance, A Review

Inheritance is the fourth book in in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle Series. The first of the series was Eragon a book written by this amazing young man at the age of 16 who is now at the tender age of 28 he has completed what many only dream of.. he has completed an award winning, best selling series.. which has already had a movie made based on the book. A brief synopsis for those who have not read the series up to date..

On the brink of manhood, 15yr old Eragon son of none, orphan raised by his Aunt and Uncle, finds a pretty rock which he tries to sell.. Of course who in his small community can afford such a pretty bauble? Unable to sell it he returns home only to find late in the night that it isn’t a stone at all but a Dragon Egg and it has just hatched...naming Eragon his rider. The last rider or the first.. the only one called from the history books of legends and lore, Eragon accepts Saphira as his dragon and they grow together.. All of the earlier Dragons and Riders have been killed or seduced to evil.. and all except Galbatroix, the self proclaimed emperor remain and he has created an empire of tyranny that has lasted a hundred years..  Eragon and Saphira must flee their small community and are forced to hide from the emperor.. Upon the way growing in strength and meeting teachers and friends of the Riders as they go...

Eldest... Eragon and Syphira must leave the Varden, although their need is great.. They are needed to fight the Emperor but their skill and knowledge are minimal.. They leave to study with the elves. To be taught what a Rider is and what his responsibilities are. Among the elves Eragon matures and accepts that even though he loves.. his love is not returned.. even though to humanity he is a man.. to the elves he is barely a child.. In a few short months Eragon is forced to learn years of training.. His teachers must choose what is most important and what must wait.. A fine line of knowledge passed and knowledge retained.. Upon completely his training as best he can Eragon is sent back to the Varden to help continue the fight..

Brisingr.. To me the least of the books, Eragon continues his battle against Galbratroix constantly searching for ways to improve his knowledge and how to destroy Galbratoix.. for while he has allies of elves, men, dwarves and even Urgals.. he is still out manuevered and out magiced by Galbratoix.. This book tends to be pentatic and plodding but there are some very important scenes here.. I had read it when it came out and completely forgot some of the most tearjerking moments..

Finally... Inheritance

Eragon and Saphira have all the tools to take down Galbratroix and yet still they can’t. They have the power of an ancient dragon for support but Galbratoix has managed to accumulate hundreds... They have powerful elves and spellcasters but Galbratoix has spent a century reading and exploring the darkest arts of magic.. He has also accumulated some dangerous allies that must be beaten..

This book takes place in the final months and days of the battle of good vs evil.. I like that honestly you love Eragon but you really are never quite sure if he will succeed.. and if he does whether or not his triumph will come at the cost of his life.. Yes, Eragon is the hero and yes he has family he loves and his heart has been given to one unattainable.. he still stands alone.. the last Rider.. and throughout this book Mr Paolini, teases us with the option of Eragon dying to save his race.. You are never promised happily ever after.. this after all is an epic Fantasy not a romance novel..

As the battle dawns, The leader of the Varden is missing, Eragon must answer a riddle that no one can remember after they have heard it.. but herein lies the clue as to how possibly the world can be saved.. and the Emperor defeated.

I like that this book wrapped up the storyline and yet still left strings dangling... making one wonder what will come next from this young man’s amazing mind. Will there be more Dragon Riders, will we see Murtagh again? Will a new evil arise from the darkness? All of these are wonderful threads and yet do not take away from the battle that explodes from the pages of Inheritance.. Do I recommend this book? Most definitely. I would like to tell all who have read the series and have decided against reading Inheritance since because they were disappointed with Brisingr.. RUN to your nearest bookstore and get it!! You will be most pleased with the way this story wraps up and Mr Paolini teases us with hope for more.                                                 


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