Friday, December 9, 2011

Univ of MT Ups the Ante

Blond Girl was reading her email and she got so excited she started stuttering.. Mom... Mom.... Mom... guess they are so impressed w/her that they are offering her a prestigious scholarship.. Of course they didn't bother telling us how much it's for.. No for that they are sending a letter.. grrrrrrrrrrrr

As many of you know, often your decision as to where you attend college depends on how much money you get from the school.. MT is about 7500 a year more than WY.. and that makes a HUGE difference. She has always leaned towards WY due to well location, cost and their actual Astronomy program... BUT MT was always a close second.. 
Hopefully we will get the chance to go out there this spring during Spring break and really check out both schools. It is a trip we seriously need to make so she can make an informed decision.. I will say this though if MT offers a substantial scholarship that is going to do some major scale tipping..


  1. And Montana Grizzlies Football program is one of the best in the Nation. Last night they beat the University of Northern Iowa 48-10 in an FCS quarterfinal playoff game, here in Missoula under the lights on a nationally televised prime time game on ESPN. (Oh, do I sound proud? Yes. I am a UM alum. I hope you get the big scholarship.

  2. saw the game am going to be watching the Montana State game today.. cuz we want Montana State to win!! That would be a great semi final for the state of MT