Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TurnBack Tuesday

All of my pictures have been lost due to some really stupid things I have done.. yes that's right unless someone saved it to FB or has it on file elsewhere.. all I have are current pictures of my kids... A recent call to the family for some baby pictures of Blond Girl got me these... 

Isn't she just too cute? 

  yeah.. she certainly has something on her mind.. or in her diaper.. *grins* I am liking my arms in the background though.. I want those arms again..

I love Hospital baby pics.. you can't fancy em up..
 Blond Girl's first Easter.. I have had problems getting her into a hat since..
 What a ragamuffin...
 Not that you can tell but she really was a happy baby
This is my fav.. too bad it is out of focus

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