Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guess She is Gonna Be Studying Astronomy and Cowboys!

Blond Girl got her letter today.. that one she has been dreaming of for a couple of years.. that one that says yep.. you are worth something, you did good and we want you!. That's right she received her acceptance letter to the University of Wyoming.. She is quite understandably excited. You have to laugh at those tricky schools though.. remember when the big fat package was the one that meant you got in? Well now you get that same little letter sized envelope that you get when you don't get in.. She had a moment's doubt.. but once she opened it!! YAY



  1. Wyoming is a good school. Not so good as U of Montana here in Missoula, but a good school. Ha Ha. We have cowboys too.

  2. @Doug, she applied to Univ of Montana as well.. We haven't heard back yet.. She likes Wyoming as they have a very good Astronomy program but she likes MT too, they have prettier school colors.. hey.. she has her priorities all set!

  3. Congratulations to her!!! It's an exciting day!!!

  4. Regarding Astronomy and the University of Montana, our Department of Physics and Astronomy has an Observatory on Blue Mountain which is a ten minute drive from the campus. I am a link for the Blue Mountain Observatory: http://www.physics.umt.edu/BlueMountain/

    Good luck to her.

  5. @Doug,

    Well FIRST Univ of MT has to accept her! LOL.. she applied.. I am hoping both accept her so we can do this awesome road trip spring break to check out both campuses and all the cool stuff between here and there..

  6. Congratulations! I remember the stress of waiting for college acceptance letters. Be sure to check about scholarship money. Some schools just give it, while others require one to fill out a separate application.