Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Note From Word Girl

Heard from Word Girl last night...

She has had a busy few days.. went to register for next semester classes and every single class that was suggested to her by her adviser was full. What are the odds of that.. every single class? Now she needs to fumble around and see what she can do to get the right classes to work for her major.. oh what a joy that will be!

She is working towards studying abroad for her fall semester. Of course she plans on studying in Australia so the fall Semester starts in July.. so she will be home for about a month before she is off again. The entire program sounds so exciting! It doesn't matter which school she ends up attending the orientation begins on the great barrier reef. How cool is that? She is looking at schools in Sydney, Melbourne and Tazmania.. I am thinking she is leaning towards the Univ of Tazmania because for a while she was trying to convince me to let her attend Univ of Tazmania as her initial school.. sheesh I would never see her then!

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  1. I am looking forward for my kids to reach college and I also hope that I would be blessed with lots of $$ so I can afford sending them to Universities.!