Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting Excited!

I know it is hard to believe but I am getting really excited to see my girl! Word Girl is coming home tomorrow! There were many many times when I counted the days before I saw the door hitting her backside on the way out.. She tested me, drove me insane and often made me want to throttle her. Fortunately, while away at college she is realizing how good she had it!

 Things she has learned so far

  1. She had a family who loved her UNCONDITIONALLY.. not something many people have...
  2. She doesn't KNOW everything 
  3. Mom isn't always wrong and *gasp* sometimes she knows what she is talking about
  4. Money really doesn't grow on trees
  5. You have to make choices, sometimes hard ones
  6. Sometimes just hearing mom's voice makes it better
  7. Little sister really wasn't all that bad
  8. While you can't go home again.. it sure is nice to visit occasionally
  9. Having one parent who will cut off her right arm to see you happy is better than having two disinterested ones
  10. Life really is good.....
Ok, so I made the list up.. but she is changing her attitude towards her family, well the women in her family... she always had a good relationship with her brothers..  and her Grandma.. and her Aunts.. ok she is chaning her attitude towards her sister and I.. and yes I would miss this bundle of joy even if she wasn't.

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