Sunday, November 27, 2011


I have so very much to be thankful for.. Truly I have been blessed.. I know life is hard.. that I have made some really bad choices but in the end.. I got these four amazing individuals.. 

 I try to get OUT of pictures cuz I hate the way I look... and the sad part is I take good pictures.. you know you either look better in pictures or worse.. well I look better.. anyway.. I tried.. I really tried but they wanted their entire family in it.. and Word Girl even made it a Christmas card.. It's great to be loved in spite of my flaws.. 

Hair Boy hosted Thanksgiving at his house and the kids worked together to make the dinner. Fortunately for me... the ex did all the Thanksgiving meals in our home so my boys have been taught that yes, it is the Man's job to cook Thanksgiving dinner.. *grins* who am I to correct them?

We had a lovely day together in between cooking we played LotR Trivial Pursuit.. I didn't win... I KNOW... can you believe that? PITA BOY won.. the rat..

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