Friday, March 5, 2010

It is Really Fun

My youngest daughter (blond girl - featured prominantly in the picture on the left) has a really neat group of friends. The core group is about 7 then of course each of them has individual friends that they drag kicking and screaming into the middle of things. These kids find a reason to celebrate on a regular basis. They are in band and choir and honors programs. They go to church together, they do musicals and recitals together and often they include the parents. Now I was raised that a mom should be a mom not a friend and that is pretty much how I set the tone with the other three. With blond girl that has just not been allowed consequently I have made some really really good friends along the way.

Anyway Blond girl and her group has decided that one of the things that they need to celebrate are birthdays, they are coming up on their sweet 16's and many have actually hit this mark, but each party is a celebration. Blond Girl's best friend commonly referred to as my 3rd daughter had a party last month and it was semi formal.. no jeans. It was great to see all these kids dressed to the 9's for a party. Dancing and goofing around, socializing and just looking great.. I hope they continue with this trend it teaches them so much. and face it today there is rarely an excuse to dress up and look good, I mean they wear jeans to church and the theatre, both places where I was taught to dress appropriately for.

The reason it is so great to see them dress up, besides the fact that they all just look great, is because it teaches them that they matter. That dressing nice can be just as fun as looking dowdy. I am so glad these kids are doing this and I hope they continue.

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