Friday, February 12, 2010

I Don't Know is at it Again

One would think as they age, I don't know and No One would grow up and leave the house... sadly they seem to be lingering in my household. The beasties are 21, 20, 18 and 15 now surely old enough for accountability.

Blond Girl got this really cute dress for a winter dance that was cancelled, so she placed it on the hanger and left it for another day. The dress itself only cost me 32.50 so it was a deal to say the least. The other day she noticed it was missing and she was a bit worried, she had a semi formal party to attend this weekend and she figured that the dress would be perfect. She tore the place apart finally finding it on a shelf ABOVE the closet and under some unused items, while still on it's hanger. Clearly someone had hidden it there. Now she wasn't worried cuz she found it but decided to go try it on. That is when the crises began.

The dress has one of those wonderful hidden side zippers, unfortunately the zipper had been opened from the bottom up and we were unable to fix it. Later that evening in a very nice and non judgemental manner I asked Word Girl and Pita Boy if they had touched it (Hair Boy has moved out) of course neither of them knew a darned thing. I know I didn't touch it and Blond Girl was in tears over it so we knew she didn't touch it either. Chalk it down to I Don't Know.. BUT Word Girl and Pita Boy are splitting the 30.00 cost of fixing the zipper since neither will cop to breaking it.

It does irk me though that the darned zipper is gonna cost me almost as much as the dress did originally and she has never worn it!!!

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