Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Semester Down

I am pleased to say that WordGirl has managed to complete her first semester at Western. I had to wait to say this until we received her grades because no matter how smart, gifted, talented your child may be that first semester of college is a rude awakening.

Well WordGirl soared!! She did well in all her classes and has become a shining leader amongst her peers. She makes me so very proud. I know she gets all hissy when I write about her but too bad, so sad, I am mom and I get to brag.

I know she is struggling not at school but with the boredom of NOT being at school. She has found her place and has set her sites on what she wants to become and not let her past, her disadvantages or our financial situation bring her down. Her smile, always her most powerful weapon, is almost always in place. She all but beams when speaking of school and what she is doing there. I know many people attend college to better their job options but my girl is there for what I truly believe is the right reason. She is there for an education!! She is there to grow as an individual both mentally and physically. She is learning what quality of life truly means.

I can not wait to continue this journey with her.. well to read about it on her facebook since she never actually tells me anything.

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