Monday, May 31, 2010

When Did He Grow to be so Tall?

As I have mentioned many times I have two sons.. Hair Boy and Pita Boy.. they are both great!! Really I promise.. Hair Boy has always been this tall thin young man.. seeing him grow to his height I say 6'8 he says 6'5.. He won't measure to find out... anyway.. Pita Boy while only 20 months younger has always been, well young.

Hair Boy had presence his entire life, he was mature at 3. When at home he has always been the man of the house. I know both of his sisters look at him as more than just a big brother.. but Pita Boy has always been the little brother, while he is fully capable of being more he has relaxed into his place in the family hierarchy.. His only complaint ever was his height..

When he was 10 or so a Doctor said he should be about 5'10.. believe me for years that was his personal mantra.. 5'10,
5'10, 5'10, 5'10,.. he was ofter heard muttering. When Hair Boy graduated middle school he was 5'7 when Pita Boy did so he was 5'3.. over the next two years he inched his way to 5'6 then from January to May his Junior Year he made a nice 5'9.. I figured ok he has had his major growth spurt now an inch or two and he is done..

He did grow that additional inch in HS.. then after he graduated he just kept going.. This last year from 19-20 he has rocketed right up there and is now 6'2 or 6'3.. I knew he had grown, I knew he was taller but it never sank in until Word Girl's graduation when I took these pics..

the gang.. Hair Boy on the left and Pita Boy on the right

and then this one.. where they are together.. they are so close in height it just about blew my mind..

As I said in the beginning when did he grow to be so tall.. my boys they do make me proud

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